A Few PWACers on Twitter

In case you’ve caught the Twitter bug, you might want to follow your fellow PWACers on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter and I didn’t list you, add a comment below and I will update the post.

Claire: http://twitter.com/clairesowerbutt
Sheila: http://twitter.com/rubysuitcase
Milton: http://twitter.com/miltonkiang
Kristen: http://twitter.com/wordsmith100
Karen: http://twitter.com/karenpinchin
Jane: http://twitter.com/janevm
Kathleen: http://twitter.com/KathleenRake
Alexandra: http://twitter.com/A_Reynolds

Recent Guests at Meetings:

Rebecca: http://twitter.com/Miss604
Thad: http://twitter.com/ThadMcIlroy
Toby: http://twitter.com/tobyward
John: http://twitter.com/johnleewriter

PWACers from the Rest of Canada:
Paul Lima: http://twitter.com/writertrainer
Laura Wright: http://twitter.com/WrightComm


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