October Meeting and Christmas Party

Plans are in the works for our next meeting in late October. We are going with the theme of business and negotiating skills and hope to have a speaker confirmed soon.  Keep an eye out for the Evite and you will be able to RSVP online.

Plans for the Christmas party have also begun. Save the date: Wednesday, December 9th. It will be held at the False Creek Yacht Club, 1661 Granville St, Vancouver BC. In case you’ve never been there, it’s under the Granville Street bridge on the downtown side, on the seawall, right above the restaurant Nu (across from C). Mapquest it if you’re not sure as some members had trouble finding it.


3 thoughts on “October Meeting and Christmas Party

  1. Sheila,
    That was great information you posted today!

    I wonder if anyone might have thoughts on the CFU (the Canadian Freelancers Union) that I heard about through PWAC. There is a small group that is attempting to start a union.

    We PWACers should follow this closely. My first reaction — is no thanks. We have PWAC.

  2. For those of you who missed the update, this is what Brenda is talking about:

    Bulletin #9.8 – Upcoming Event: Canadian Freelance Union’s Inaugural Meeting of Members

    From Michael OReilly, interim President of the Canadian Freelance Union (http://www.cfunion.ca/):

    The Canadian Freelance Union (CEP Local 2040) is gearing up for its Inaugural Meeting of members. Members are invited to participate either in person, or via the Internet (webcast and web forum).

    Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
    Time: 12:00 (noon) Eastern Time
    Duration: Approximately 1 hour

    Join via an Internet webcast (full details on how to join will follow – it will be easy). For those in Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver you also have the option of taking part “live” with fellow CFU members.

    * Toronto: Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild (SONG), CEP Local 87-M. 1253 Queen Street East Local Contact: Paul Cadiente: paulcadientepr@gmail.com.
    * Ottawa: Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union’s National Office. 301 Laurier Avenue West. Local Contact: Michael OReilly: michael.oreilly@cfunion.ca.
    * Vancouver: Media Union of BC, CEP Local 2000. 400 – 475 Howe Street. Local Contact: Marco Procaccini: mproca@shaw.ca.

    Note: Please be sure to register for our CFU Forum. It is here that you can join in the discussion about the CFU draft bylaws, policies and plans. All voting will also take place using this tool, so you must get registered to have your say!

    Tentative Inaugural Meeting Agenda

    * Background and introductions.
    * Outline of services.
    * Plans for the future.
    * Presentation of proposed bylaws, with call for further discussion and amendments.
    * Call for further nominations to the proposed CFU executive.
    * Draw for “door” prizes (great prizes thanks to a generous gift from W.E. Insurance – details to come).

    Does anyone plan to take part? If you plan to and would like to write your thoughts or notes from that meeting on this blog, please let me know and we’ll include it!


  3. This will be interesting to watch. Before dismissing it out of hand I would cite the Screenwriters’ Union in the States as an example of a successful writers’ union. Also, given the complete lack of will on the part of our politicians to do anything about updating copyright law for new media, it may be wise to examine all options that can be utilized to protect our rights as creators, and our livelihoods.

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