The Empire of You

The Business of Doing Business mini-conference, put together by the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC), took place Saturday, January 16th at the brand new and beautiful Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier in North Vancouver.

It started with a big kick — branding expert Danielle LaPorte fired up the room with a motivational session.

Here are some points to think about from her talk:

  • Integrity brands are original, consistent, and built on genuine strengths
  • Your strengths are things you do that make you feel stronger, useful, enlivened and passionate
  • Your weaknesses are things you do that make you feel weakened or resentful
  • The Hedgehog Concept: What does mastery look like?
  • Find out what you are the most passionate about, what you can be best at in the world (this can be very specific), and what drives your economic engine
  • Monetize your strengths.

Danielle shared some ideas about how writers can monetize their strengths (or become popular enough to do it soon): 

  1. Put your photos onto a Flickr stream. It serves as a billboard for your work and can drive traffic back to your website
  2. Use Twitter
  3. Give workshops in time management, pitching, breaking into ______ writing or whatever you are an expert in
  4. Become a writing coach
  5. Do travel consulting (or consulting in your field of expertise)
  6. Build video content online with sites like YouTube
  7. Write an eBook
  8. Have user-generated content within your website or blog
  9. Get advertising sponsorship for your blog that is in sync with your brand
  10. Get electronic rights for a previously-published book and repurpose the content in an eBook or on the web
  11. Do mentoring
  12. Get speaking gigs
  13. Create an iPhone application. An example is Natalie MacLean‘s Moblie Matcher for food and wine
  14. Do interviews with people in your industry who have visability online. This will bring their community to your website
  15. Let content generation on your blog be easy. Write short blog posts with a photo and use lots of headers, bullet points, how-tos, top 5’s, book reccommendations, etc
  16. Ask for guest submissions and repurpose other people’s writing. This brings their audience to you
  17. Use the broadcast method with your writing. Repurpose your writing to other sites and be seen all over the web
  18. Do Link Love features (Friday is common for this) where you link to many other people’s blogs or sites
  19. Participate in Follow Friday on Twitter to increase your Twitter following

Thinking of writing that book? Danielle says a trend she sees in books is personal stories about time-sensitive projects. Examples include The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs, No Impact Man a blog by Colin Beavan, and Chris Guillebeau’s quest to visit every country in the world by April 17, 2013. Thinking of taking on a new project? Set a time frame and write about your experience.

Books Danielle recommends:

These notes brought to you by PWAC Vancouver Chapter President, Sheila Whittaker. Also see Mercedes Grant’s take on the session on her blog “The Grant Rant.”


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