Summer Garden Party – Sat Aug 7

Guenther Krueger has kindly offered to host a summer party for PWAC members in his own backyard garden. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 7th from 3pm until late. You can drop by anytime and stay for as long (or as short) as you like. The Krueger residence is at 4346 Cambridge Street, it’s near Willingdon. There is a bus that goes close to his place from the Brentwood Skytrain station, or you can take the 135 Hastings which runs very frequently, and  it’s a five minute walk from Hastings.

Guenther will cook one big, main dish and attendees are welcome to bring salads, dessert things, etc. “We always end up with too much food so if people don’t want to bring a lot, that’s fine. So salads, nibblies, desserts, all are welcome. There will be something for the carnivores and something for vegetarians — hopefully they eat fish. Vegans are on their own!” says Guenther. PWAC will chip in for some refreshments too.

You are welcome to bring your significant other, family, friends, and/or people interested in joining our chapter. Please let us know who to expect on the evite.

A big thanks to Guenther for his hospitality!


2 thoughts on “Summer Garden Party – Sat Aug 7

  1. I was sorry to have to pull out of attending – was it lots of fun? It sounded like the social event of the year, so I really regret not being able to go along. Roll on next summer!

  2. It was fabulous, Damian! Great company, food, drinks … everything but the weather. Big thanks to Guenther for hosting us all and to Kim, or new Regional Director for coming out from the island for the event!!

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