Happy Holidays BC PWACers! From Kim Lear

I’ve met and spoken with many of you since becoming BC’s Regional Director in June. If this is the first time you’ve heard from me, I hope we will get to connect more in the New Year.

Joining the PWAC Board, meeting colleagues and advocating for freelance writers has been a source of pride and pleasure for me in 2010. So please feel free to write or call me if you have questions about your PWAC membership, or about freelance writing in BC. We have members throughout the province. If I can’t answer your questions, I’ll find out who can. That’s my job.

And please let me know if there are any items you would like me to raise at the National Board Meeting in January.

Prosperity, peace and pleasure in 2011!
Kim Lear
Victoria Chapter
BC Regional Director

And May I Introduce…

Some of us meet up at local events, or at the national AGM and conference in June but another way we can feel more like colleagues is to connect online. Many PWACers use Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and the PWAC lists to connect. Here are a few.

Suzanne Morphet

Victoria Chapter

You can join Suzanne’s LinkedIn network or find her in the PAWC Travel Writer’s LinkedIn Group.

Read her condo column in the Vancouver Sun or pick up the Vancouver Island Book of Everything, which she recently co-authored with fellow PWAC member Peter Grant.

Sheila Whittaker

Vancouver Chapter

Sheila writes about wine, travel and food. She has her own blog, Ruby Suitcase and also contributes to the Georgia Straight and Wineries Refined.

Sheila would be happy to connect you with other members at PWAC Vancouver events and she is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Timothy Perrin

Interior Chapter
Government Action Committee

Tim has written screenplays, tv pilots, theatre, news radio, books and over 200 magazine articles. He is also a lawyer and is a great resource for writers in the the Kelowna area to track down.

You can find Tim on LinkedIn.

PWAC leads the challenge to Bill C32!

There are a few critical pieces to the proposed revisions to copyright legislation that we as writers need to focus on. First and foremost, Mr. Harper’s government has proposed that fair use be expanded to include “educational exemptions.” Writers need to understand that these exemptions would open the doors to schools and universities making free copies of our work. An English teacher in Gibsons could create a fabulous syllabus for teaching Canadian Poetry (good), include lesson plans and reading assignments based on 10 Canadian Poets (good), upload everything to the Internet to share with a few other teachers and all of a sudden no school in Canada needs to buy anthologies of Canadian Poetry. That is not good for Canadian poets, and it is not good for students if all they get to read is American Lit because Canadian writers had to give up writing poetry to sell widgets. Aside from that, it is unheard of for our Federal government to legislate what industry can sell their goods and services to the education sector and what industry can not.

Our ED Sandy Crawley and the PWAC Government Action Committee are advocating for you. This and other issues are being challenged. Please watch the PWAC Contact emails to find out what you can to do improve Bill C32 for writers.

Happy New Year!


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