A Successful Professional Development Day for PWAC Vancouver and Fraser Valley

PD Day Panel 27 April, 2013 was a great day for PWAC Vancouver and PWAC Fraser Valley, as we came together and jointly held our first Professional Development day in several years at the VSO School of Music. We had an impressive turnout, with a mixture of students, members and non members and from the first panel of the day, we ensured that a great atmosphere was set. The day went off without a hitch and we are grateful to all of those who attended and made the event a success.

We had some amazing speakers join us. PWAC veterans like Guenther Krueger passed on their writing advice while PWAC Fraser Valley member Stephanie Lasuik spoke to us about how to cope with a contract dispute. We even had the honour of hosting editors Lisa Manfield of BC Living and Andrea Vance of WestCoast Families, who educated us on what editors want from their writers.

At the end of the day, we received amazing feedback from those in attendance. We heard things like, “In the first ten minutes, I got my money’s worth,” and “I’m so glad I came today,” and best of all, “You PWAC people are so nice!” After the event, we chatted, mused on all things writing and threw around article ideas.

We hope to offer more of these events in the future, so please feel free to email and suggest topics for our next PD Day, which we hope to hold in the fall.

Thanks again to everyone who worked hard to make our Professional Development day such a large success.

Kelly Thompson, PWAC Vancouver President


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