More Social Media Day Bios and Lectures!

We’re continuing to develop our social media PD Day on 22 March at the VSO School of Music. We’re also priding ourselves on bringing you the best possible speakers to make the most of the event. We’re providing more bios on our speakers as “teasers” as the date draws near!

Socialettes Profile

Socialettes is a ‘Social-PR’ marketing consulting company that aims to help businesses in the development of their brand in ways that are sustainable, profitable and creative. We strive to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing communication in order to convert marketing efforts into measurable business results.

Sonal Haria | Co-Founder: Ambitious entrepreneur, media manager, event co-ordinator,  & social analyst Sonal Haria has leveraged her creative and organizational skills to lead successful campaigns and events for numerous brands. Sonal’s strong interpersonal and writing communication skills combined with her analytical and technical marketing knowledge and experience has allowed her to represent start-ups, small businesses and communities as their marketing voice.

Prianka Dhir | Co-Founder: Brand manager, PR & content creator, entrepreneur and social strategist, Prianka Dhir has built her brand by assisting start-ups and SME’s in building theirs. A connection to various entrepreneurship communities and venture capital groups has widened her scope of international businesses, industries and trends that guide her specialization in business and technology. Prianka’s strategy management expertise has allowed her to execute various successful marketing campaigns for both international and local markets.

Bonnie Sainsbury, Founder, Social Media Smarter: A veteran trainer, speaker and writer on social media, Bonnie joined the world of internet entrepreneurs following a successful 30-year career in corporate IT. Bonnie is #13 on the Forbes list of Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers and #28 on their Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. She has researched, designed and implemented custom online social marketing strategies for companies and professional clients, producing measurable results for their bottom lines. The Lady walks her talk. She has over 100,000 engaged followers on Twitter (@bsainsbury); over 1600 friends on Facebook, 500+ business connections on LinkedIn, and over 1500 fans on Google. She’s co-host of the successful Women Talking Tech webcast that just celebrates one year on the air using Google+ Hangouts on Air.

An avid supporter of blogging, Bonnie can be found at and

Peter Haley, a recent BCom graduate from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, was fortunate enough to discover his dream job with Wet Ape while searching for a wakeboard on Castanet. Since landing the role of Wet Ape’s Social Media Coordinator Peter hasn’t looked back. The position has allowed him to combine his passion for sport, music and marketing in such a way that each new day on the job is more exciting than the last. Prior to starting his role at Wet Ape, Peter worked in a variety of marketing, production and consulting roles with organizations including the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, International Tennis Federation, CBC Music and the Kay Meek Centre. 

In his spare time Peter is a passionate guitarist who has performed with several Vancouver based bands, most notably Louder Than Love (renamed City Walls) and an active member of the sporting community. In 2010 Peter was chosen to be a Winter Olympics Torch Bearer due to his efforts leading a healthy, active lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. He also captained the UBC Sheens ball hockey team to two UBC Rec league titles.

Although Peter splits his time between Vancouver and the Okanagan, and is sometimes caught on the road during games, he hasn’t stopped being a dedicated Vancouver Canucks fan who can’t wait to see the Canucks bring home the Stanley Cup. When he’s not nerding out on his laptop for Wet Ape Peter spends his time dreaming about being a rockstar, enjoying live music and chilling out on lakes & mountains.

Sandra O’Connell is a writer and marketing strategist with a corporate background in real estate. She is founder of the blog Tales from a Bar Stool, which was subsequently picked up by The Province Newspaper. In addition to contributing editorial for various publications, Sandra manages social media and marketing campaigns for several businesses and is writing her first novel.


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